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First 11
Fantasy Sports Decentralized

More ways to win!

Build your team and dominate the competition! Earn money by winning contests, hosting tournaments and selling players for profit. Sign up today for early access!

About the Project

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology allows for a transparent, trustless and decentratalized system where users can feel safe knowing transactions are validated by no single entity. We are leveraging the Ethereum network to build our Fantasy Sports solution.

Problems with traditional fantasy sports

Firstly, on traditional fantasy sites there is only one way to earn. Typically only the top 3 in any contest gets a significant payout which makes it incredibly difficult to be profitable. Secondly, traditional sites are notorious for taking high rakes on contests earnings and charging various (hidden) fees. We are giving users the opportunity to host their own tournaments and earn without even competing! Lastly, it is usually to your team's detriment when player salaries increase as it directly affects your managing budget. On First 11 you can see your players increase in value and sell them for profit on our marketplace.


Everything you ever wanted. Sign up for early access.

  • Transparent & Fair

    All transactions and tournaments can be viewed on the public blockchain. Completely transparent with nothing to hide!

  • Fast Payouts

    When tournaments end, smart contracts automatically sends payouts to winners and hosts. Get winnings on the same day!

  • Host and Share

    Host your own tournaments and promote them on social media. The more players you get, the bigger your rake!

  • Player Marketplace

    Players who perform better are naturally worth more. Make profits by buying rising stars and later selling them!

Top Games & Leagues

We will be offering best sports and leagues from around the world!

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